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Before diving into the gaming, you want to ensure that the casino you have chosen has a license and is regulated by the law. That’s quite easy to check since usually licensed casinos will not hesitate to show you the licensing certificate. Often you will find a link to it in the footer of the website.

Another essential thing to check is who gave this casino a license. For instance, most gambling sites operate under the Curacao eGaming license. But also there are other authorities that regulate the activity of Bitcoin casinos.

If the casino is licensed, you can complain to the registrar if you get scammed. However, if there is no license, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the casino will cheat. There are many very reputable casinos that operate for quite a long time and still don’t have a license. You can read reviews to understand if the casino is fair.

Is this Casino Provably Fair?

A provably fair casino is the casino that can somehow prove the fairness of its games.

It is another detail to consider if you want to protect yourself from scammers. You might know the belief that casinos do everything to make players lose. And that’s not the wrong impression. Of course, not all Bitcoin casinos are like that, and you obviously should opt for fair ones.

There is a specific mathematical algorithm that lies in the base of each online casino and guarantees the complete randomness of results. The reputable and honest Bitcoin casino always can prove the fairness of the game and show that results are not being manipulated in any way.

To check the fairness of the casino, look for a dedicated page where it should be explained which algorithms does the service use. If the casino can’t give you the proof, or the explanation is vague, you should stay away from it. The chances are high that you will get scammed there.

Are the casino’s payment terms good for me?

Since you play to win money, you should check what withdrawal options does the casino offer, and on which terms does it make payouts. Here is what you should check:

What is the minimum amount for the withdrawal?

What is the maximum amount for the withdrawal?

Which currencies and payment methods are accepted?

What are the fees for deposits and withdrawals?

The best-case scenario is that you are free to withdraw whatever amount of money you want without waiting days to get an opportunity for a payout. Pay the biggest attention to the payment methods and currencies. Sometimes casinos would accept deposits in any currency, and payout only in one currency. Fees can be another pitfall – some casinos want an obscene fee for withdrawal, making you lose money.

Usually, you will find this information in the FAQ section, or on the dedicated page about payments. Study the rules meticulously to be sure the casino suits you.

Is this Casino Available in My Country?

Bitcoin casino is a rather new service, and not many countries regulated virtual gambling with the law. And even though most governments wouldn’t consider casinos illegal, virtual ones are still under the potential threat. That’s why many Bitcoin casinos would not allow players from many countries.

However, even if the government allows virtual gambling, it doesn’t mean that the Bitcoin casino will allow users from this country to play for money. For example, in the United States, online casinos are legal in 48 states. So logically, you should expect casinos to allow players from these states. Although there are certain regulations and taxation laws that make online casinos conscious. As a result, most of them will not allow players from the US.

That’s why you should always check if your country is in the whitelist of a specific casino. Consider that you need to think about the country you’re currently in, not the one you’re from.