Best Bitcoin Dice Casinos 2023

Can you imagine a way to gamble that’s easier and faster than good old dice? It has been around way before any card games and hundreds of years before any other traditional casino games. However, it was kind of a new thing in the world of crypto gambling. It was introduced in 2012 and the first blockchain-based dice was Satoshi Dice. Why was it such a knockout? Because of the unique system used to roll the dice. There are a lot of strategies and playing options available on the Net for dice, but the main reason why it’s probably the fairest crypto gambling game at the moment is because it can’t be cheated and is very hard to predict. It uses a method similar to random number generator. It uses a combination of the transaction hash from the from the blockchain and performs a 512-bit hash for that transaction hash using a secret unknown to the player. The first four bytes of that hash become either a winning or a losing combination.

TOP Bitcoin Dice Casinos




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Benefits and Drawbacks of Playing Dice with Bitcoin

So why exactly should you try it? Well, the game is still pretty new on the Net, and it’s always exciting to try something new. With the unique system of randomizing the winner, it is truly an exciting experience. Such a plain thing as dice becomes a modern way to raise some coin and get satisfaction from the process. You can choose your chance of victory, the number of winnings. Usually, Bitcoin dice cryptocurrency games offer very low casino house edge, so this could increase your possible winnings in the long run.

There are many different sites for Bitcoin dice on the Internet. Players often choose a platform with Bitcoin cubes or a crypto casino that gives players a great bonus (and there’s no one to blame – bonuses are great!). However, the most important thing to consider is transparency of transactions and reputation, meaning that the website can independently prove that their dice is fair to all players. The top casino sites dice platforms are provably fair, and that’s why they attract more and more people every day.

Choose wisely. Think about what’s important personally for you. There are plenty more fish in the sea, and you can definitely find what your heart desires.


Should you roll the dice? We’d say definitely. With it being probably the easiest to understand gambling game, it is the fastest way to get your dose of adrenaline. On the technical side, fast transactions and minimal fees make Bitcoin ideal for easily accessible gambling such as dice. This, as well as the fact that Bitcoin transactions are irreversible, makes it an excellent tool for players and online casinos. When using usual payment methods, the transactions can be slow and have commission fees for transfer. The process of verification can take long as well, because casinos do not want to deal with credit card fraud, which is often used to gamble online.

We’ve rolled the dice ourselves on various platforms. Some of them weren’t too impressive, but we’ve picked some websites you can try to get the ultimate satisfaction – cause they’re so great that we couldn’t keep them to ourselves. Sharing is caring! We recommend choosing our list of best bitcoin dice websites and join the one that’s right for you.